The Facts

Crossing the road. It shouldn't be too hard right? But it becomes a lot harder and riskier when you're distracted.

You might not even realise your mobile phone, mp3 player or mates are distracting you, but maybe you should think again. Both in Staffordshire and across the country, more pedestrians and cyclists aged 11 to 15 have been in serious accidents.

You don't need showing how to cross the road. You just need to Ditch the Distractions

Sam didn't switch off her mp3 player when she walked out onto the road. Cos she couldn't hear the car coming towards her, she ended up underneath it.

Bet she wishes she'd remembered that traffic is often heard before it's seen.

What a plonker. Joe crossed the road while texting his girlfriend and he ended up with a broken leg. Now he can't play football and his girlfriend is off out without him.

Bet he regrets that.

As for Ben, when he was messing about with Emily in the road, he was too busy to notice that van. Now he's in a cast and feels kinda lucky he didn't end up dead.

Bet he's well embarrassed.

As well as mobile phones, mp3 players and messing about with your mates, other things also become distractions when you're crossing the road.

Rushing about, being tired, and thinking about other stuff going on in your life, like boyfriends & girlfriends, an argument you've had with your best mate, or what you're going to wear when you go out later can all take your mind off the road. Even eating & drinking on or around the road can be dangerous, if it takes your mind off of approaching traffic.

Crossing the road. Just give it a bit more attention.